What is Freedom, ACTUALLY ?

Freedom! How can one NOT talk about the mirth of being free?!

Freedom is not merely a Principle or Right or Choice. It’s a Feeling, an Experience.

You can be free in body and bonded by spirit – and if the bonding stifles you, rather than letting you express, then certainly, you are deprived of the essence of Freedom.

Flummoxed!?  ?

There are people capable of arresting another person’s action or word or even thought with a mere glance or gesture or facial expression – a perfect example of authoritarian approach. Here, the latter is held in virtual bondage.

There are others who probably don’t give chances to vent feelings, and when you do, put forth statements that distort facts, perceptions and end up making you sort of a scapegoat. That restrains you from confronting them further.

Any person or relationship that stifles the right to speak your mind or that which always tries to victimise the person that you are is an encroachment upon freedom.

Freedom is a lot more than just laws or customs or traditions or dogmas. Again, it’s a Feeling, an Experience. And anything or anyone trampling with that “sweet sensation” is actually spoiling the beauty of it!

On another note, there’s a massive population out there whose lifestyles, beliefs, habits and lots more don’t conform the least to what one may deem as “agreeable”. But that’s clearly an “individualized perspective”.

It’s easy to fly with birds of the same feather. But what makes Life worthwhile is when you have a heart huge enough to accommodate the whole human race.

Because, the ultimate truth remains that ALL people irrespective of their gender, nationality, customs and life situations belong to the esteemed genre called HUMANITY and each one of us ought to give space and embrace every other individual unconditionally!

That’s when you need to ACCEPT them by acknowledging that they are part of our society too!

At times, we happen to come across folks who find it difficult to accept other people just because they “don’t agree” with them! That’s Intolerance!

Acceptance is a very broad concept in which case you respect people “despite” their differences from what YOU consider “appropriate”. Always remember – What’s appropriate for one person maybe inappropriate for another.

Yes, there are some ideologies, moral values and ethics which one chooses to follow (or not follow!) But that’s completely a personal choice. It never really means one need insist the entire society to follow (or not follow) the same.

True Freedom is the Responsibility one shows while “exercising the licence” to do what he wishes (apart from propounding or practising something which is glaringly detrimental to common good or at the cost of harming lives or honour, wherein serious intervention is required).

Let people feel free to make decisions and choices regarding their thoughts, actions, words and beliefs. 

Let them have their personal Indulgences, and surprisingly realise that there really are Limits to how much their Inner Selves can truly compromise! That would be a Revelation! Because, their “true ethical sense”would finally dawn on them. And they might learn a lot in the process!

Because the more Man is blocked or tabooed, the more he’s prone to lose his way…..

So just LET HIM BE….

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