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January 17, 2020

Untitled poems

Untitled Poems Sony dith

There is a roaring wave in lovers heart
it smells like a red roses bouquet
which is kissed by the mighty morning dews
every time it blushes like a dancing girl
whose footprints are lighter than
a white cuckoos feather !


l loved you like a flower
i kissed you like a wind
At the end of this light house’s
lovers corner
you are remembering me
as a glossy evening wave
which touches
your red nail polished feet
with its soft and salty forms ,
and when it returns ,
it leaves a whisper
” Oh my lonely violet Lilly love is eternal ”


always keeps a puppets finger
in their thoughts ,
Which is random waved by
the wind of memories and
the smile of unexpected visitors
with a sweet n sore jar of

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