“Don’t the god have eyes?Is he not satisfied with the miseries given to me?”-William stood at the bus stop and muttered to himself.
A beggar overheard these words.He had torn clothes,hollow cheeks and eyes. The appearance itself foreshadowed that he hadn’t had anything for days.
“Sir, please offer me something!”
William patted on his shoulder and proceeded with a grief hidden smile:”You are a beggar with torn clothes. I am a beggar with dandy appearance!Whatever it is, both of us lack money!”
“Sir, don’t feel bad! I overheard your comments!”
“What did I say?”
“The god didn’t have any eyes!”
“Yes! There is no end to my miseries!There is no prosperity in life!”
“God is not a man with eyes and ears!”
“Hum! The philosophy of a man who didn’t have anything!”
“Sir, I had all the comforts of life.There were many to follow my instructions.”
“How did you become a beggar?”
“My proud nature spoiled me! I was very rude to my sub-ordinates. I thought that even the eagle would not fly above the wealth! I treated them as slaves and all started to leave me.At last I lost everything!No body was ready to help me at the time of financial crisis!”
“So, You also were a prey to the cruelties of God?”
“Listen, my friend, God is neither a firm nor a man to satisfy your desires!”
“I ever make loud prayers. I pray for many hours.Still, why is the god not showering mercy on me?”
“The loud prayers are only a pretence to convince others that you are a great devotee! The god is in your mind. Why should we make loud prayers to make our mind hear?”
“Don’t you feel sad about your present condition?”
“No, I feel a great peace of mind even though I don’t have enough food! I had never experienced this when I was rich!”
“But.. I never enjoyed such a life like you!”
“Don’t you have a home?”
“Don’t you have good dress?”
“Is there any one to wait for you at home?”
“Yes, my mother ever waits for me!”
“There are millions of people in our country who didn’t have those things. If we have a satisfied mind, we will realise that our sorrows are nothing in front of the sufferings of others, then our miseries will feel as simple!Are we fortunate to have all those things?”
“I feel some reason in your arguments.”
“If all the desires of our life are fulfilled, there will not be virtuous feelings in our mind. Miseries are required to purify us!”
“Are you supporting god?”
“Yes, but, I believe it as a mental experience. I never believe in loud prayers. Believe in yourself and be confident!The world is yours!if it is possible , give me something to eat!”
“Thanks for opening the windows of my mind! I will ever be a servant of those who are suffering. I will feed you forever! I decided to start a home for the poor and make the them self-sufficient in their own ways. May my mother be the mother of all religious people as in the case of our mother India!May the situation of taking alms be stopped for ever!”
William took the arms of the beggar and kept on his chest.