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December 17, 2018

The Price

When the god appeared in front of me, I was asked for my dearest wish. I clasped my hands in joy and exclaimed, “true love”. The devil laughed from behind. I shrugged my shoulders and repeated my wish. An apple rolled on the ground but I ignored it.

“Are you sure, my child, for there is a price to pay?”

I didn’t bother to think about the true meaning of those words but just nodded my head and whispered eagerly, “Yes”.

Laughter grew louder and I brushed it away.

“What is the price?”

Before I could get an answer, the god disappeared.

I turned back to the devil and asked “Do you know the price?”

He stopped laughing and said “All your desires will die. That’s the price.” ”

You don’t make sense” I cried.

“You should have just ate the apple I offered”he said and went on laughing.

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