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August 9, 2020

The holy cow…

The holy cow

Cow dominated our past where it played pivotal role in epics. The life of traditional Indians were closely associated with cows. Still it contributes a vital part in our society. It was the part of a particular tradition, who treated it as equal as God. It contributed a major pàrt in their income too.

Nowadays the same is creating chaos and confusion among the people. Cow became an issue rather than an animal. It enacts as an embodiment of a particular religion. In the name of god where he has presented himself as the self itself (ahambramhasmi), the cow is used as a weapon to provoke and instill the spouts of communalism. In-fact, a man should seek salvation through his deeds and pure thoughts.The most cunning politicians like Lalu got imprisoned on the scandal of cow where the great religious man considered cow as a mere commodity to earn a huge amount. Judiciary only can overpower such clumsy weapons with which a group of ardent minds are looting the scrapes from the layman’s plate. Remember, still we believe in God who acts through the systematic judicial system. Let her act, the eye-folded lady who holds the scale… the goddess of law.

He acted like a layman, spoke like a leader, but earned like a robber. He and his family have taken politics as cattle rearing and people does not even getting cow-dung since 1977 when he was throned as MP, Minister of Railways, and the Chief Minister. He has been serving or exploiting the country. However, thanks to the law, he was rewarded !

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