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December 17, 2018

The Fate Of a Private School Teacher

“Will you please bring me a balloon when you come back, father?”-the child asked when he was about to leave the house.
“Oh! certainly, my child!” -he made a flying kiss and started the bike.
“I will get a balloon today!”- te child jumped with happiness and got into the house.
He is Balakrishnan. He works in a private school.
As usual, he entered into the class with the attendance register. Children were running here and there on the benches and desks shrilling unnecessarily.
“What is this?”- he shouted.
“Can’t you see? we are running here and there. Don’t you have eyes?”
“Our teacher does not know anything. I think he is blind”- another comment.
Children started to tease him.
He looked at the fan and tried to divert his mind.
One should not roll one’s eyes at children!
One should not scold children!
One should not punish children!
One should not insist children to do anything!- psychology advised him.
You should ensure whether children read the book or not!
You are responsible for getting less marks for the children!
They do not have enough strength to carry notebooks and textbooks.Don’t compel them to bring it!
What ever things are written in the answer sheet, it does not matter! You must give them higher grades. otherwise , we, parents, will lodge complaint against you!
Our children are not ready to do hard work!We pay high fees. So, You should give high marks- parents would bark at him!
His mind is in a commotion.
One cannot be away from reaction.
If reacted, nobody will be there to support him!
“O.K., O.K.,Please tell the attendance.Roll number one”
“yes! we are number one! You, who live with our fees are second class!”- the provocation went on.
He continued with act of taking attendance without bothering about them. Still, children were not ready to sit properly.
“Is this a market?”
“Don’t use indecent words! There is a government order that nobody should interfere in the matter of children. We can do anything. if you react, you will be imprisoned!”
“O.K. Take text book. Let us start the lesson.”
“We forgot to bring text book!”- children told in unison.
“Then, take your notebook”
“We didn’t bring notebook because it will be a weight for the bag!”
“Why did you come here?”
“We are providing everything for you. You should follow our commands!”
“I didn’t accept this job to the slave of anyone!”
“Don’t say like that! You are a good for nothing fellow! Otherwise, you would have been an engineer or doctor!”
“I did enough hard work to reach at this position”
“Have you ever got A-one marks like us?My father told me that you had got only first class degree in graduation.”
“It has the value of dedication. It is not like getting marks liberally as in the case of you!”
“We are giving the fees.We are not ready to open the books!If you didn’t give A- one marks, we will complain! Marks should be given based on the fees!”
“Go and sit there!”- another shout!
“What will you do?”- a boy pushed him.
He slapped on his face. All the children got scared and stood up silently!
A child ran out of the class and started shrilling!
“This sir is killing us! Save us!”
He was covered with children who tore his his clothes and beat him up.
Principal and the headmasters ran to the spot.
“You don’t have class control! we will not interfere if police come to take you!”- one of the headmasters commented.
The words were like a death blow for him.
Afternoon. he was about to open his lunch box. Suddenly, he was shocked to hear the sound of boots.
“Get up!”- a policeman pushed his lunch box down.
He took the man by the collar and dragged him out.Children became very happy and clapped to encourage the policemen.
“Teachers! Beware! We are the rulers now!”
The teacher was dragged out of of the school with humiliating comments . He was beaten now and then with lathi. Will his son be waiting for the balloon of love at the facade of the house?

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