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January 17, 2020

The Best is yet to come!

The best work is done when the mind is devoid of doubts, inhibitions, liabilities, worries and fears!

Back in time at college, my Professor’s words still ring in the ears and they go like this: “Always remember: the best helping hands are your own hands, the best helping legs are when you stand on your own feet !”

Insightful! The satisfaction that one derives from the fruits of one’s own toiling hands is a stupendous feeling. Truly!

Another of his saying goes “Only a Happy Mind can generate Power!”

When the mind is happy, energy flows all over and with it, we are enthused to do our best – think our best thoughts, make our best creations and derive the best results!

Conversely, when we feel demoralised or let down by people or circumstances, we think negative, work below par and achieve devastating results!

The point is: Nothing affects one who REFUSES to be affected. Face the adversity in the eye (whether it be man-made or predestined), and if you are sure you can’t ignore, fight it out!

Because when things start affecting you adversely, doubts, inhibitions, worries and fears creep in. And as human beings, we have every right to take action against such negative issues head on and resolve to bring out our maximum potential!

So stay cool, weed out disturbing stimuli from your field of attention and simply focus on bringing out YOU at your ever best!

For this, use the Power of Imagination to lend momentum to your aspirations!!

The Nobel Prize for Physics 2017 had been bagged by three scientists “for decisive contributions to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves.”

I’m more at awe about that Brain which had imagined and prophesized the existence of gravitational waves almost a century ago – Albert Einstein!

Not just a gifted scientist, but Einstein was a great thinker too. He had famously made the observation “The true sign of Intelligence is not Knowledge, but Imagination!”

I wish to jeer at those people who make sniggering remarks against those who dare to imagine! Sadly, we see parents complaining about their kids, “He/she is in a world of his/her own. Imagining and talking crap! How would they survive in this ‘competitive’ world?”

Seriously, what do people perceive as success? What do they exactly mean by ‘high status, massive money, exuberant luxuries?’ Can all that buy the pleasure of thinking, visualising, prophesising the secrets of the universe or the wisdom of living?

Can money and luxuries substitute the pleasure of challenging the unthinkably superb human thought process and reasoning capacity?

Let Imagination take wings. I agree even if we think up a whole lifetime, we still wouldn’t be able to fathom an inkling of this marvellous universe or the rollercoaster course of our lives!!

But let us imagine and feel grateful for what we have in store. Let us imagine and appreciate the life that we live and the world that sustains us. Imagination lets us comprehend both our Nothingness and Richness! And, every person who succeeds in understanding likewise would at once embrace life totally and gratuitously! And who knows!? One might even be able to foresee light years ahead with the sole power of an intuitive imaginative Mind!! The best work, the best life are yet to come!

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