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THE ANIMAL- English novel

THE ANIMAL- English novel (written by Rajesh Attiri)
The paths of virtue…We should help the needy.We should not hurt the feelings of others.We should be straight forward.
The paths of sin….we should be selfish.We should not bother about others. We should be crooked enough to serve our own ends. Only such people are prospering in life.
He was in a dilemma. the roots of virtue were so strong in him whereas the glory and prosperity of the sin allured his heart.Those who are virtuous will be damned for ever and why should he abstain from evil deeds? The dilemma was over.
Childhood….the fragrance of freedom….butterfly life…but… strict orders and suppressed life squashed the butterfly.
Father…. the image of Hitler….. the very embodiment of orthodox ideals.
Mother….a woman of tolerance who ever haunted by diseases.
Brother…. ever a prey to the other family members…..mauled for taking vengeance against his father.
The late brother….the death beckoned him during his prime years and unleashed him from the shackles of servitude.
William, the hero, was the sole solace of the parents.But, the fate sabotaged the pedestal of hope.
The orthodox ideals were injected in his mind, at the same time he remained as a rebel in thoughts.
He was a thing of mockery and the person meant for bullying.The burning childhood made him an autumn leaf.
No desire, no hope…
Still he fought, still he was industrious….
Teenage…. the age of passions….the sword of orthodox ideals cut the wings of his aspirations.
Thus, he became a misogynist….
Youth…. desires to be flourished in life….bondage arrested his feelings.
The thoughts of marriage chilled the misogynism. But, the proud, impudent and obstinant second half boosted the hostility.
“I want freedom…. I want freedom…,” he roared with a dagger in his hand.
“Don’t harm me… Don’t kill me..” his wife Rabeca pleaded.
“No, you are unchaste. You do not deserve to be lived.”
There gushed a pool of blood from the throat of Rabeca and he began to lick it off the floor frantically.
The neighbours were shocked to hear the shout-“Ha! Ha!Ha! I’m a cannibal, I’m a cannibal”
William was sitting under a tree. His hair was long and the long beard provided him a ghostly appearance.He wore a torn violet shirt and black pants. There had a heart of a human being in a bowl pooled in blood.
There came a woman. “Will you please direct me to the railway station?”
“Can I direct you to hell?” He showed her the heart in the bowl.
“Save me….” she started to run. The chasing started.Her scream could be audible for a mile. But, no one turned up. It was a deserted area. At last, he blocked her path with extended hands.
“Why are you trying to harm me? I didn’t do anything wrong to you.”
“No, you didn’t. But, the society did. It was wrong to mingle with girls or women. What does it mean? They should be hated. They should be ignored. If they wanted to be ignored, why should the live?I will send you to hell otherwise you will make the life of a man hell.”
He pushed her down and cut her throat as a butcher cut an animal.Blood splashed on his face and made his hair and beard crimson red.He sucked the knife and the place echoed with murderous laughter.
Women are no longer dared to walk alone. They thought that rapists were much better than William.
One day, there came two eminent personalities into the town-Inspector General Vincent and the psychologist Charlie.
“He should be imprisoned forever.”
“He should be counselled.”
“He should be beaten mercilessly so that he would not repeat it.”
“He should realize the reality. Generalisation should be uprooted from his mind.”
“Medicines cannot cure his attitude.”
“I agree, but sweet words of love and care will make him human and repentant.”
“He is strong. How can we get him? Whatever be our attitude, he should be in our custody.”
“Thorns should be taken with thorns,”they concluded.
Railway station. A girl was standing in front of the railway station.
“Why are you standing alone?” The question itself was a shock for the girl. The appearance redoubled her fear.
The girl began to run for her life. As usual, she was chased by William. But, on the way, he was tripped over something and was hit on the head.He fell unconscious.
When he woke up, he was on a bed.His limbs were tied to the different directions of the bed. He began to growl.
“Don’t growl. Many women craved for their lives.You do not have any right to growl.” It was I.G. Vincent.
“Oh! You are an agent of women and pawned your backbone to serve their ends.I pity you, sir.’
“But, I will not pity on you.”Vincent beat on the legs of William with an iron bar. Still, he roared with laughter.
“You cannot change my mind, sir. Harass me as much as you want. The burning experience of my life made me like this. I will never be changed.”
“Tell me about your burning experience of your family life which made you an animal. At least your mind will be soothened.”- It was the psychologist Charlie.
“On the day of marriage itself,”William started his story,”my wife declared that she would make sexual intercourse only with the government employees and rich people.Being the first day, I consoled her telling that I was ready to wait. But, as a human being, my urge to appease my carnal hungers overpowered me. I started to make physical contact without sexual intercourse.It was considered as a cruelty by her. She became violent and started abusing me and my family.I was forced to use bad terms against her and it came back as a boomerang.During this time, her sister got married to a self-boasting officer, who was ready to pawn his backbone to his wife.Since I was not ready to do it, i was considered as good for nothing fellow.Moreover, she had more attachment with him. All will feel that he is her husband, not I.I decided not to be good and started my mistrust on all women. I don’t like anyone to be cheated by woman.Whatever harassment you can do tome, I will tolerate it.But I will never stop hating women.”
William concluded the story.
“Do you think we can justify the actions of him?”
“Mr. Vincent,I’m not justifying him.I’m considering him as a mental patient.”
“It may be correct and I suggest him to be imprisoned in mental hospital.”
“Hospital atmosphere may cultivate negative attitudes in him.Consider him as a human being.”
“I can consider him only as a criminal.”
“Let’s call William, Thomas, bring him here.”
William was dragged by two men and was seated on a chair and another chair was provided for supporting his beaten leg. His eyes were red.
“William, you have your own reasons for hating your wife.But why do you hate all women?”
“All women are deceptive, sir.At first my mistress wounded my heart by marrying another. Second, my wife’s infidelity led me frenzy.Only women’s infidelity and insincerity are responsible.”
He hit strongly on the chair where he kept his leg.
“O.K. Williams, relax, relax yourself. Let me ask a question. Do you hate your mother?
“Who will hate their own mother?”
“So, you agree that your mother is chaste.’
“I believe so.”
“Oh! it’s only a belief. Why can’t you consider all women as your mother or sister? Did they do any harm to you?”
“No, but….”
“There should not be any buts…Mr. Williams”
“Should I hide myself while seeing them? Whenever I see them, there is a tendency to kill them”
“Why can’t you think of God at that time?”
“Hum! God! When I was doing something right, did the God helped me to prosper in life?When I accepted wrong path, I became popular.”
“I agree that you may not have prospered in life through the right path. Is it a justification for doing something wrong?”
“It’s not the matter of justification, but the matter of life experiences. Those who are lazy and ready to lick the feet of the authorities are ever promoted. I am not ready to compromise with my self-esteem.”
“Mr. Williams, It’s not better to be so good or so bad. Why are you thinking about the extremes?’
“I am not a person to argue with you. Please let me go. Otherwise, I will be forced to be an animal even before men.”
“He is incorrigible,” Vincent whispered in the ears of Charlie.
The next dawned with the news that William was disappeared from the custody of them.
“Something should be done to get him back. Otherwise there will be further murders,” Vincent roared. The policemen ran to the different directions.
“Mr. Vincent,” the call made him shocked. It was William.
There had a gun in his hand.
“This is for making me limp.” He fired at on the the feet of Vincent. The I.G. fell down. He got up quickly and tried to overpower William. But, William kicked him and moved forward.
The house of Charlie. He was about to open his wardrobe for taking evening dress. Suddenly, there came William from it.
“Mr. Charlie, are you afraid of me?”
“I am not afraid of anyone. you may harm me. But, I will consider you as a human being.”
“I cannot behave like a human being.”
“Why can’t you?”
“No question of why?” William hit on the table angrily.
“Relax, relax yourself.Basically you are good.The ignorance from all the people and their teasing attitude made you an animal.”
“I agree with you, sir. Some people say that we should tease back to those who tease us. But in the case of modern generation, they like to tease others ,but not ready to tolerate even the slightest teasing from others.”
“You are speaking like a normal person. Why can’t you be like that always?”
“You are the only person who behaved kindly to me.”
Suddenly there heard a siren.
“You…cheat…” William was about to shoot Charlie.
Suddenly he was shot at the back of the head through the window.
William fell on to the floor with open eyes.
Charlie opened the door. Vincent and policemen got in.
Charlie closed the eyelids of the dead William and commented:
“Now you are free from a world which made you an animal. May God give you a rebirth in which you can lead a better life.”



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