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January 17, 2020

Technology in 2078 – A bizarre prediction!

The growth of technology had been exponential in the past couple of decades. But how far could it go in the upcoming years? This article is an attempt to throw some light on how we predict our future to be, based on the phase at which our humanity is currently evolving from being a social animal into a technological animal.

Undoubtedly, the two main areas of technology where we foresee a massive development in the near future are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data science (DS). Though these 2 domains are quite isolated from each other, the blend of these two massive domains would disrupt the way we humans function.

Artificial Intelligence + Data science:

Though there are a lot of scientists and common people who believe that robots (in other words, AI) would soon outdo humans using all the data that we have and would produce in the future, there is still a fair number of scientists and robotic engineers who believe that it’s quite unlikely. However, in either ways, one sure thing is that humans would soon start living as mutual beings with robots which would completely change our social behaviour. Perhaps, it is highly likely that ‘Cyborgs’ (as we see in movies) would turn out to be common real time terminologies referring to certain group of human beings themselves.

Inventions like the first Humanoid robot ‘Sophia’ which (who) has been rewarded with citizenship in the US and new companies like ‘Neuralink’ founded by Elon Musk which focuses on enhancing human brains to cope up with the futuristic robots by implanting processors into the brain are predominant proofs to make such a future, realistic.

Based on these, let’s see some of the predictions about the future of this highly fascinating (yet scary) technology. These are just predictions and by no means, are meant to misguide.

So… here we go. Roughly 60 years from now…

  • Humans would be interplanetary species with our descendants camping in a minimum of 5 different planets in the Milky way and beyond. “Elon Musk” would be called as the ‘big daddy’ of this era and the AI would play a highly crucial role in planning, designing and development of the spaceships. The spaceships would look nowhere like the ones that we have now (2018).
  • Interplanetary citizenship would be made a concept. You could be a citizen of Mars if you wish to be one and would possess the rights to move there to make a living.
  • Humans and robots coexist. As friends, as acquaintances and even as sexual partners. Robots could have sex, feel emotions and even share spiritual relationship with humans.
  • The line that separates the look and feel of human beings and robots would soon fade away. This simply means that it would not be easy to identify whether the person talking to you is a human or a robot.
  • Humans and robots communicate through transmitters and receivers rather than verbal, more like a communication between two nodes on the internet.
  • More than 20000 communicative cyber languages would exist in the universe. You could create a personal cyber language on your own which you could use to communicate in your short vicinity. The language could be fed into a person or bot that you love by sharing the access to the language.
  • 80 to 90 percentage of the jobs that exist now in 2018 would be entirely wiped out and would be completely AI and Data science based.
  • Over 2 million inter-species married couples (humans and bots) would exist all around the universe. Yes, it would be legal.
  • The total population of human species in the universe would be roughly 9 billion and the total population of human-like bots would be roughly 4 billion. Protocols would permit only a 50% of bot population to that of humans. Illegal tradings would still happen at the cyber level. This might take a bit more than 60 years.
  • Based on deep learning, AI would prove ‘time travelling’ to be a bluff and as a technically impossible concept. However, time warp would technically and practically still be a feasible concept and would be insulated from time travelling.
  • Dismantling a robot would be considered a crime and would be treated as a murder.
  • Human minds could be hacked, obviously.
  • There is no profession called ‘Doctor’. Your health would constantly be tracked on a server and a device tacked on you would inject micro-bots into your blood vessels and veins to instantly cure whatever disease you get.
  • Banking would not have any physical means. Currency notes or coins would not exist. Physical banks would not exist. The universe would function on virtual currencies (or Crypto currencies).
  • Cyber crime would be the only form of crime that could be committed. In other words, any crime that could be committed would only be at the cyber level.
  • Education institutions do no teach. They deploy data. Some of the human brains would be far more smarter and advanced than the smartest of all computers that exist in 2018.
  • So since there are no education, no jobs, no medications, human beings are a species that live on Entertainment. The major part (at least 70%) of the human life would be spent on Entertainment and nothing else.


May be! But the possibilities are quite heavy.


Well, it would have sounded equally crazy if someone in 1958 had told that, 60 years from then, humans would be able to see each other and talk to each other while being on two different parts of the planet. We now call it video conferencing. In 1958, it would have been called as madness.

Please share your views and interpretations below!

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