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May 26, 2020


world environment day

The Mother Nature, long suffocated, is now -dying!
And if she goes, my tears will never stop;
For as a lover, I can’t squeeze out one drop:
I am undone, that’s all—shall lose my life—
I’d rather, but that’s nothing—lose my heart..

Be cautious!! A dried land is waiting, the dried air is alarming …because the womb is getting dried…the womb of mother earth. She is chocked and suffocated by the excess wastage of plastic on her face. Her most beloved children deny the breath to her.
Being the most loved children of Mother Earth, we have the responsibility and obligation to protect her life. Since, we, the human race destroyed her beauty and charm by disturbing her beautiful mountains, ever charming river beds and even her chirping siblings , we have to offer, at least, a future where ensured of smooth breathing.
WATER AND AIR, the two essential factors, on which all life depends, have become GLOBAL GARBAGE CANS… Plastic is becoming a curse on the ecological system. According to the studies, we use 500 billion plastic bags each year and we buy a million plastic bottles each minute. Thus we make plastic mountains on the lap of mother earth. 8 million tons of plastic is clogging ocean water each year. In 2050 ocean will carry more plastic than the fish.

Nature rages…
‘If you can’t reuse it, you may refuse it..or else you will end up in yourown curse’. Let us think and act to protect her,to protect ourself ,to protect the future generation and THUS WE WILL MAKE ourself the true children of our mother..

Pleasure seems sweet, but proves a glass of bitters.
When Ignorance enters, Folly is at hand;

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Sreejith Pulickil
Sreejith Pulickil June 5, 2018 at 7:39 pm

Nice article


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