24.3 C
August 9, 2020


Why dost Thou always follow?

All my gestures never skipped,

The postures Thou adopt are mine!

Why dost Thou exist to tease?

Moving right by my side,

Making faces as I do,

Crying just as I break down,

Laughing out upon my crown!

Ascending, receding in succession,

Umpteen attempts to grasp in vain,

Mocking at my very desire

To possess and disown, master and enslave!

Aye Nature, Thou art a sly gamer!

Shadows are Thine artful design,

That exist, yet exist not –

Come close and behold, they’re gone!

They dance upon us, moment by moment,

Comedies and tragedies, countless and counting,

‘Tis hard to miss when pondered at length,

Ain’t Life the trickiest Shadow amongst all!?


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