“Brahmanism is a curse for kerala brahmins!”
The words of her son pierced the heart of Umadevi Antharjjanam(Brahamin housewife is called as antharjjanam)
“What nonsense are you telling my son?”
” Our caste is considered as higher! Is being trampled under the feet of others considered as the height?The merit of us are not recognised! The impudent and indecent behaviour of our ancestors made us a thing of mockery and the innocent are humiliated to the optimum!”
“Why can’t you do the job of a temple priest? ”
“It is never considered as a decent job by the girls of our own caste! None of the girls are ready to marry a temple priest! Those who are offering the amount for doing poojas consider us as slaves! Most of those who are coming to the temples are just visiting there to expose their power and influence of money! If this sacred thread had more strength, I might have committed suicide!”
“My dear, still many are working as temple priests and leading a family life!”
“Those who are ready to pawn their backbone and self-esteem can only prosper in life! Only such people are considered as the fittest persons to survive! But, I can’t digest with such ideas!”
“But, you should think about the future of your sisters!”
“I have decided something!”
He went out and came back with a bottle after sometime.
“Savithri, Sridevi, come with four plates filled with rice gruel and spoons. Call our mother also!”
All followed his instruction and sat in a circle to have food.
“Sisters, We are ignored everywhere because of being considered as higher caste! Only one work we will get without considering the caste- prostitution! Would like to be considered yourself as just flesh before others?”
“No!”- they told in unison.
“Then, get ready to mix your rice gruel with poison!”
“what are you telling , my son?”
” Mother! The lustful people never consider the age of a woman! I Don’t want to see my mother torn by cruel nails of them!”
All poured poison into the rice gruel and had it chanting the name of the god till the end of their last breath.
Thus, they got salvation from the world of ignorance and humiliation!

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