Russia state TV has aired a recording of an alleged phone conversation, which it says took place between UK poisoning victim Yulia Skripal and her cousin.

Ms Skripal and her father, ex-spy Sergei Skripal, are in hospital in Salisbury following a nerve-agent attack against them last month.

In the recording, which has not yet been verified, she says she is fine.

The UK government has accused Russia of being behind the attack, sparking an international diplomatic crisis.

The alleged Yulia tells her cousin Viktoria: “Everything is ok. He [her father] is resting now, having a sleep. Everyone’s health is fine, there are no irreparable things. I will be discharged soon. Everything is ok.”

Viktoria Skripal has said she hopes to travel to the UK to visit her relatives, if she can get a visa.

She is said to be one of their closest living relatives after a series of family deaths.

Ms Skripal had been reported to be conscious and talking at Salisbury District Hospital.

Her father, 66, remains critically ill but stable.

Transcript of recorded conversation

The hosts of the “60 Minute” show on state-owned Rossiya 1 – Yevgeny Popov and Olga Skabeyeva – said they were unable to confirm the authenticity of the phone call.

Viktoria: Hello?

Alleged Yulia: Hello. Do you hear me?

Viktoria: Yes, I hear you.

Alleged Yulia: It is Yulia Skripal.

Viktoria: Oh, Yulka [diminutive of Yulia] it is you! I recognise from your voice that it is you but cannot understand. So, they gave you a telephone, didn’t they?

Alleged Yulia: Yes, yes.

Viktoria: Thanks God! Yulyash [diminutive of Yulia], is everything okay with you?

Alleged Yulia: Everything is ok, everything is fine.

Viktoria: Look, if tomorrow I get a (British) visa, I will come to you on Monday.

Alleged Yulia: Vika, no-one will give you the visa.

Viktoria: Well I thought so too. Oh well.

Alleged Yulia: Most likely.

Viktoria: If they give it, I need you to tell me whether I can visit you or not, tell me that I can.

Alleged Yulia: I think no, there is such a situation now, we’ll sort it out later.

Viktoria: I know it, I know it all.

Alleged Yulia: Later, we will get it sorted later, everything’s fine, we’ll see later.

Viktoria: Is it your phone?

Alleged Yulia: It is a temporary phone. Everything is fine, but we’ll see how it goes, we’ll decide later. You know what the situation is here. Everything is fine, everything is solvable, everyone (he and her father) is recovering and is alive.

Viktoria: Clear! Is everything ok with your father?

Alleged Yulia: Everything is ok. He is resting now, having a sleep. Everyone’s health is fine, there are no irreparable things. I will be discharged soon. Everything is ok.

Viktoria: Kisses, my bunny.

Alleged Yulia: Bye.

The recording was reportedly made on the morning of 5 April

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