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December 17, 2018



His home was near the railway line.
The presence of train was felt to him in all activities.
Just like the sea is considered as a mother to fishermen,the railway line is his homestead and train is his mother.He is a coolie.He did not see the other side of the railway line as there was no gap to cross it.
On that day, he got a job.He worked till the evening. But, he was given only two hundred and fifty rupees.
“This is not enough,boss. I have to feed five members.”
“I didn’t promise that I would provide for your full family!”
“I am not the part of any union.I do this work for providing my family.Please offer me five hundred.”
“Impossible!You can go!”
Ramachandran had no other way except to obey.
A shackle.The rain is leaking through the roof which is thatched with coconut leaves.The floor was made with cow dung.The floor was full of water and on it some plates were kept.Two boys and a girl with torn clothes are sitting for having food.
Ramachandran’s wife Chinnamma is pouring rice gruel into the plates. The children had already made a spoon with the leaves of jack fruit tree.
“Mother,I wish to have something like Idli or Dosa.”
“Mother, If there is at least a chilly along with it, it will be more delicious.”
“Mother,Those who with me always bring snacks with them. when will get such things?”
Chinnamma completed the activity and sat in a side.
“Children, Your father did not have any work for many days because of rain.What job will get for an uneducated man?You should study very well and put a full stop to our poverty.”
“When the hunger devour us, how can we concentrate on studies? Can alphabets appease our hunger?”
“It’s true! the sufferings of today will take you to heaven in future.You may be back in studies, but character wise you are richer than any rich person!”
Ramachandran got into the house with a cloth bag. It had some rice and vegetables.He kept it in a corner and sat for dinner.
“We can adjust somehow while having food. How can I spread a mat on this muddy floor?”
“What else can we do?”
They spread the mat and all started sleeping. But, the restless mind of him didn’t allow him to sleep.How these problems be solved?
Dogs are barking outside. He heard the sound of bicycle and came out with kerosene lamp.
The cycle was parked in front of his house.One man was walking toward the railway line.
“Stop there!” He shouted at the man and moved ahead.
“Where do you go?”
“I am fed up with life.There is no progress in life.Nobody recognises my sincerity!”
“What are you?”
“I am a teacher in a private firm.”
“How much will you earn in a month?”
“I get only five thousand rupees. I cannot meet both ends of the month.”
“Look at me. I am a coolie. For the last two months, I didn’t get any job. Still I am optimistic.We should try to find satisfaction with whichever job we have.I am living in a single room in my shackle. Come and have a glance at my house.” Ramachandran took him by hand.
The man was shocked to see the living conditions.
“I am sorry! I shouldn’t have thought of committing suicide. My difficulties are really nothing while looking at your condition. Thanks a lot for opening my eyes!”
The man left the place on his bicycle.
“If all realised this reality, the world will be better!” Ramachandran muttered himself.

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