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January 17, 2020

Never forsaken!

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Three decades and seven years past,

Upon the earth a life was cast,

Battling against life, struggling amidst odds,

Moment by moment, misery did plod!

Belly thinned out with hunger and woe,

Hard labour stooped his head low,

Withered in physique, strengthened in spirit,

Solace he sought in satire and sobs!

Worked into the night, studied by day,

Tattered rags and bare feet, yet gay,

Ran to school at morn, trod back at dusk,

Urchins and gypsies accompanied  without fuss!

Grew into a man worthy of regard,

Gone was the innocence that had kept him on guard,

Oblivious so far to mannerisms of the world,

He now sensed hidden arrows in their words!

“Vagabond, scoundrel, rascal, beggar”-

The names never ceased, he was aghast! 

Nature’s Son so long, no religion, no caste,

Into humiliation now was he mercilessly cast!

Darkness blinded him in the light of the day,

No ocean could drown the weight upon his heart,

Chasms of shock shook all over his soul,

And his spirit lay simply devoid of hope!

“Why should I live? Whom do I serve?

Can’t relate myself to the needs of this world,

Identity evades, insults pursue….”

His voice broke off, not before Her bosom was pierced!

Nature conspired to comfort her son,

Her elements rose and connived one by one,

They tugged at his heart, strung at his soul,

Until his mind played thoughts manifold:

” The Sun burns himself quietly away,

While the world basks in the glory of the day,

The Air lends herself ceaselessly,

Every life draws breath from her endlessly,

Has the Tree ever counted the fruits it sheds?

Does the Flower keep tab of the fragrance it spreads?

Every life that is born on Mother Earth

Has only one purpose, and that is, to Serve! “

The Mind that had threated to abandon his soul,

Set him on fire from head to toe,

Rose he up with a charming face,

And set out into the world to fulfil his fate!

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