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December 17, 2018

My dearest Problem

‘When you walk into my house, inside the showcase you will notice a photo frame. It is a greeting card that is framed with a hand-written message that reads ‘To my Dear wife Prasnna; It is our 25th anniversary, and it is awesome to have lived with you for 25 years. I will love you forever.’ It was a gift from my dad to my mom on their 25th anniversary, few years back. Yesterday, as usual my mom was telling me about how important it is to have a life partner. I was giving her my usual excuse that it would be difficult for any woman to cope with my behaviour and for me with hers. I prefer to stay happy, and until I find the right one for me, I shall wait. Just in case I don’t find the one, I prefer staying single. Mom smiled and pointed towards the photo frame in the showcase that dad had gifted her romantically. She asked me to look closely at what is written in it. I read it again and couldn’t find anything wrong. In fact, it was very sweet and romantic gesture from dad to gift mom a card with that message.

Mom smiled and said, ‘Did you notice, even after 25 years of marriage, your dad couldn’t get the spelling of my name right.’ That is when I looked at the message, and realized my mom’s name ‘Prasanna’ is actually written as ‘Prasnna’ in the card. I started laughing out loud. My mom smiled and said in her usual sense of humour, ‘I have a doubt that he wrote it on purpose, because the word ‘Prasnna’ in Malayalam means ‘Problem’. So if you re-read it that way the message says ‘ To my Dear Problem. It is our 25th anniversary, and it is awesome to have lived with you for 25 years. I will love you forever.’

She was still smiling and said ‘but end of the day, despite all the imperfections and arguments, a day without your dad for me and me for him is something we can’t think about.’ Both of us finished laughing, and mom continued with her usual advice to not look for the right person. That I will have to adjust with whomever I marry, and just find the one who is worth adjusting. My mom left for the kitchen, and I sat there pondering over what she told and the message, my poor dad unknowingly wrote. It is true, isn’t it? We might not find the perfect partner ever; as they don’t exist. We just have to find the person whose imperfections seem beautiful to us. We just need to go in search of the ‘Problem’ that we want to happily have in our life and deal with every day, from the morning coffee to the goodnight cuddle. You just have to go find the special someone, who for an entire lifetime will be wrong for you, in just the right way…

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