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January 17, 2020

My Brief Study on Evil

Humans have to take the circumstances they are initially introduced to and from there on, have the responsibility to its own soul to evolve. Even by doing nothing, man evolves because every choice triggers a growth or a by product called thoughts. As days pass, he, the man, starts to think and that is quite inevitable. The level of the thoughts and its depth would vary based on exposure, influences, milieu, millions of emotions, experiences and countless other factors running through my readers’ mind now, count them all in the this exhaustive list. Some day or the other, he, meaning I and you, would stumble upon the subject of ‘Evil’.

Majority of us would have been introduced to this topic when we were taught about the concept of God. It wasn’t sufficient for the religion to teach about God, in my case, Jesus, without introducing me to the sleek sharp tailed-double horned-slimy Devil. Now look at me. I used six words to describe the devil but single word for God. You may take five years of deep introspection to figure out that the concept of God was a creation of ambitious men but to deny the existence of devil, would take more time, effort and an immense level of detachment.

Going back to evolution of man, his thinking process and the subject of evil, one cannot escape through this life without wondering about evil and its reaps. We eventually would come to this topic and think about it in order to make sense of ‘how’ and ‘why’. Each of us have to make sense out of this in order to survive amidst it without getting perturbed or tainted by it. I conjecture that desire for power, fame, money or love can lead to evilness.

If one can understand why there is a hunger for any or all of these elements, one can lead to the ‘why’ part of the bigger question. Once you understand why, then ‘how’ is the matter of choice, intelligence and execution. This means it’s optional and since it’s optional, we shouldn’t get upset when we hear or encounter about evilness because we also have the option and the power to be above it.

From a spectator point of view, an individual has two possible paths that can be followed. One path, of course, will be the quintessential easy path and the other would naturally be a difficult path. The easy path would be to adopt the victimized attitude and fuss around the situation screaming, ranting and gossiping. This would lead to something termed as “the entitlement trap” which comes out in the different variations of “I deserved better.”

The difficult path would be to accept that the life in world is not a fair game with marked playground. You have to grind. You have to hustle. You have to rise above the evil with your own set of mental rules. You have to create what you want. You have to focus on what is important and not get distracted by any time drainers.

Meanwhile, leave the evildoers alone. Because, firstly, they do not care. Secondly, there aren’t worth your focus. Thirdly, there is so much more in this world that you need not really search the pockets of the evildoers for your share.

Rise above all this. Survive. And then, tell us all your story!

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