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January 17, 2020

Mindset: Connecting some dots…

Have you ever an experience when two people talk about the same problem, one describes that as a big failure and the other see that as a great opportunity?

Have you ever wondered why some people can’t learn from failure? Have noticed that some people always take feedback personally!

I help organizations/ teams / individuals to improve their Agility. In my work as a change agent, I help and support people to adopt new habits and behaviors. You will find lot of interesting articles about “Agile Mindset” as well. Many times, during my work, I kept wondering why some people gets it very fast and adapt to the new environment, and some don’t! I was not able to define the reason behind that.

I hope you know the concept of “Crossing the Chasm.” (Refer the image below)

I kept explaining this “Early Adopters” behaviors using these concepts. But I always had this question, “What make them (Innovators + early adopters) different from others?” I think now I can explain that better. Excited? Continue reading…

I was reading the book “Mindset by Carol Dweck” and had an “aha” moment. You can also find a Ted talk by the author in this link.

Now let me connect some dots…

People have either a fixed or a growth mindset. People who believe their personal qualities are unchangeable have a “fixed mindset” and People who believe they can improve or change their personality traits or behavior over time have a “growth mindset.”

People with a growth mindset believe that the future brighter and gives an opportunity to grow, even during challenging times. Their believes are as follows, “Failure is an opportunity to grow”, “I can learn and do anything I want”, “I like to try new things”, “Feedback is constructive”, etc…

People with a fixed mindset believe that the future is dark and they get stuck at every challenge. Their believes are as follows, “Failure is the limit of my abilities”, “I am either good at it or I am not”, “I stick to what I know”, “Feedback and criticism are personal”, etc…

Parent beware, interesting observation is, children who are praised for their intelligence tend to adopt a fixed mindset and reject new challenges.

Now, what do you think about yourself?

Are you able to connect some dots… ?

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