Life is a Gamble; just Play!!

I didn’t choose to Arrive –

Never chose the time and place,

Neither do I know of Departure –

Where and when is it gonna be?

Some of my earliest memories were of looking up at the sky and marveling about the Night & Day with the countless hues that adorn dawn and dusk, day after day, month after month, year after year……

Eventually, the World of Letters, Music, Dance and Paintings mirrored countless things to do, to know, to master and to prove…..

Prove what?

Could I choose what I wished to prove to the world?

Or did the world open up a Potpourri of Delight to prove to me the umpteen possibilities for living a Life worthy of purpose or meaning?

But then, the biggest mystery of life or perhaps its greatest attraction is its Uncertainty or Unpredictability!!

All that we are left with are a Brain that plans, a Body that implements the planning and a Mind that ought not to give up!

But the One Possibility that stays true throughout is this : the Unpredictability Factor!

It’s both a boon and a bane!

Boon, because we can always expect things to turn around when life isn’t exactly going in our favour! Bane, because this very life that we had so carefully built all along may come tumbling down, out of the blue!

Whether we like it or not, we have been given this one life to live – One Life that we are aware of, at the moment! Whether we had a past life or shall we have a future life is something that we aren’t entirely aware of!

So long as we live, we’ve got to survive, and survive well, not by hook or by crook though! (“Why not?” is a topic for another discussion, folks!)

And the “fair or unfair” events that happen in the process ought to somehow sink in! Sink into our memories, sink into our life trajectory, and help us move on…

You know why? Because EVERYONE has been designed by Nature to survive on his/her own, BY DEFAULT!

You are born alone, you shall die alone, and Nature has actually designed each one with the capability of surviving on one’s own, no matter what….

Anything else is just “what you think”…it’s not “what it is”…..

Life is a Gamble, folks…our only choice is to play along as best as we can, as far as it takes!!

PS: Every time we feel so full of life and excitement, let it be known for a moment or two that our joys are huge bonus in a phenomenon that could go awry any time, any place! And every time we feel at our lowest selves, spare a moment in retrospect to analyse how we had overlooked an amazing life all along and how much remains on offer ahead!

Keep rolling the Dice!!

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