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January 17, 2020

Let’s Celebrate!

Let’s celebrate Genuineness in Life!

When we smile at our fellow beings, let’s be free of design indeed!

When we offer helping hands, let’s not cup them with hopes of bigger help!

When we seek someone’s trust and love, let it not be used to deceive the heart!

When we look into others’ eyes, let’s not explore naiveté for a chance to exploit!

When we make refined speeches, don’t let them clothe ulterior motives!

When you know you’ve found a genuine soul, lessen the damage you intend to cause!

Because in a world where gamers revel in deception and vainglory, Genuineness needs greater reason to hang on!

And if the world were to be deprived of true souls, there wouldn’t be reason left for humaneness to exist anymore!

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