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January 17, 2020

Learnings from The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

Perhaps, we all think the same way and come up with identical ideas. Sometimes it feels like someone has told their story and it seems so similar to the one you would have told, if only you had the time to think through the plot and  the patience to put them into nouns, verbs, adjective and matching prepositions.

Suppose, you didn’t had the time to write your experience, knowledge and thoughts down and what if, now someone else had beat you to it, wrote it and even managed to publish it? Would you carve out time of your schedule filled with work, chats, videos, sleep and sneeze to read that book? If answer is yes, then you should read the book written by Andy Warhol and not read this amateur article.

Assuming the very same reasons that stopped you from writing down your own life, would stop you from reading The Philosophy of Andy Warhol, wouldn’t you love if an angel appear and give you the abridgment of this book? If yes, I am that angel and what follows would be some of my favorite musings of Andy Warhol. And, you’re welcome!

“Then I realized that existence itself is nothing and I felt better”

The day man realize that, existence is just futile and everything goes in round and round, in a never ending manner, would be the day of true liberation. To ingrain into oneself that ‘I am absolutely nothing and everything around me is nothing’ and ‘all moments are ephemeral’ would make life much easier to bear and live. It is when the ego refuses to accept the futility of one’s own existence that it strives to believe in schemes such as heaven, hell, karma, reincarnation, joining the absolute one and so on. Everything repeats. Even history just like reproduction. However, when it suits so, it is nice to believe in reincarnation. It got a melodious romantic ring attached. It is a wonderful concept to believe when one is young and such a bad idea when old and shrivelled.

I love uniforms! Because if there’s nothing there, clothes are certainly not going to make the man. It’s better to always wear the same thing and know that people are liking you for the real you and not the you your clothes make.”

Well, I don’t know how well this goes down to you, the reader! But for me, though the idea of wearing the same clothes over and over like a uniform sounds great to the rational mind, I know my hormones would not be really happy if I ever choose to follow the path of great people who wore the same clothes because they wanted to use their rapidly declining grey cells on deciding matters of more importance than planning their attire scheduke. What a wastage of brain space! Yet, if you think about it, it’s a fabulous idea. No more frets over matching accessories, shoes etc, and there will be no confusion on whether the person eyeing you on and off are doing so because of your flamboyant attire or for who you are to that person.

As soon as you stop wanting something you get it”

Once you learn the art of detached desire, you start getting absolutely everything you ever want, starting from the chocolate you loved from childhood. I think subtle detachment is the real key to sail through life. However, this subject is debatable as I am still figuring it out myself. Nevertheless, I got everything I dreamt of when I started dreaming of something else.

The best love is not-to-think-about-it love”

Now, love is peace in heart where no chaos exists. Perhaps, this sort of love doesn’t make us philosophers or martyrs because we are living in it and experiencing its taste minute by minute, having no time to spin out thought provoking poems. There is nothing more peaceful and soothing knowing at the end of the day you go to bed knowing that you are being loved just as much as you love, maybe even more, one would never know. Love contains in it everything beautiful you can imagine. It comes with zero tears, hugs, and calmness, attachment that seeps even to the sub conscious level and contentment that gives you energy to focus on building a better world around you.

Think Rich. Look Poor”

Of all the investment advice and saving strategies, I think these tiny four word maxim would save you a truckload of money. This is better than any bank rates, mutual funds, insurance policies and what not. Society has this interesting approach towards mankind. It ignores the poor and stick to the rich like a leech. The only way to beat the system using their own strategy is to always look poor and stop bragging what you did during the weekend.

Everybody has to come to their own conclusion about sex – it’s not something you can convince them with by argument.”

The way media is discussing about sex is overrated. What you read, what you saw, what you heard and what you presume has absolutely no correlation to what it is actually. The magazines that covers the subject is just playing with abstract economics and your flying emotions to increase the sales. It is always better to not discuss on this because everyone is going to lie by either exaggerating or underplaying it. You will always be comparing yourselves with the media portrayal and the stories of your friends while you could as well have a journey of your own as if it’s the path to Holy Grail.

I don’t want to be smart, because being smart makes you depressed.”

Once you understand the nuances of business, corporates, media industry, economics, politics, government and nuclear power, you will be depressed because you know everything you were taught about being good and kind is futile. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

There is more to Andy Warhol and his philosophy. But then, hopefully someday you will read and I should leave behind something for you.

Now, let me crawl back to my world and see which book to read next.

P.S. The quotes in italics are excerpts from the book while the rest are just me and my play with words.

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