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June 11, 2020

Krishna Love

Imminent death tickles the brain cells

And here I am reliving my whole life.

These people in hospital says that

I don’t feel or remember a thing.

But, here I am, with tubes attached and

machines connected to my body

Knowing it all, hearing it all;

With plenteous memories

Like pictures drawn in a clear sky.

Memories in different colors and shades

From the tragic black to the joyous blue

All taking up various forms.

Midst of it all rises up a figure,

And I know it is you.


As a flower is in love with the wind from the time it is budded,

So was I in love with you much before I blossomed.

I knew all your flaws and weakness

Yet my love was not envious.

I never tried to own or disown you

Because I knew my soul was connected to you.

All I had to offer you was

My imperfect love and mind in chaos.

But I never knew

You could see perfection in imperfection

You could find peace in chaos.


Like a meandering river changing the course,

In the winding path of life I strayed from you.

The baffled frantic me

Searched for you everywhere

In people, in hobbies, in duties

All in vain

Little did I knew

My journey was to you and

There was always a new channel.


Now it is not long before the curtain will fall

All these memories will be faded in shade.

Today I understand,

All my life was a quest for you;

While you were always within me.

Hey Krishna,

You are my forever love,

My only consort!

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