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January 17, 2020

How women shaped the world!

Women! Among the women who played with Barbie dolls, there was Marie Curie who played with atoms. Among the women who wished to be princesses at their childhood, there was Debbie Sterling who died to be an engineer when she was 14. All women are not made of sugar and ice. There are few who were moulded with rocket science. And yes technology is not masculine, but an alleged masculine nation quite often invaded by feminine idols which the world refused showing the deserved recognition.

Right since the Earth started spinning and the homo-sapiens started walking, the role that the women hold in psychological and technological wellness is inevitable. But the ‘so-called’ societal traditions kept her inside the steaming kitchen since a very long time. And the time had come for the women to break the obstacles which the world has started witnessing since a few centuries back and is now spreading on a wide range.

But still there are people who say technology is a man thing. Here comes a big slap. When the Nazis were ruling the war technologies, it was the most beautiful Austrian actress Hedy Lamarr who developed the “Secret Communications System”. It was an ultra-secure classified information sharing system and out of more than a thousand men who tried breaking it, not even a single man made it. It is still believed that the Austrian government uses this technology to transmit the most confidential things using this system till date.

And never forget Joy Mangano, the woman who holds the highest number of patents on her name. She has more than 100 products encrypted with her name piled up under the Patent Cooperation Treaty that we use on our daily basis. When she was once asked in an interview of how she managed to stay out of all the societal pressures and succeeded being an inventor, her reply was classic. She said, “I am just like everybody else out there. I am a mom, I work, I have a house to clean, things to organize. We all have certain similar needs and I address them as well”.
It doesn’t always mean that women are supposed to stay as the women that the world describes as. Few like these were given birth to rewrite the statement of what the word ‘Woman’ actually mean.

It could probably not be the one of the most stunning inventions always but whatever women had invented were found to have made life better and have made the planet Earth a better place to live.

Mary Anderson went a step ahead and invented the windshield wipers for the cars without which car riding under rain can never be such a fun.

Everybody praise women for giving life on Earth. And yes it is obvious that our species thrive on earth not because of one of the two genders but both. But very few know that women have also saved hundreds of thousands of life with the invention of Kevlar which is the key material for manufacturing bullet proof vests. When the Kevlar was invented by the famous chemist Stephanie Kwolek, she was brave enough to test it on herself rather on someone else. And as someone rightly said that luck always favors the brave, she survived it and made millions out of the patent of Kevlar. Your inventions say who you are, and while men were busy inventing new powerful bullets to pierce through the rib cage, she wished to protect your heart which the world badly needs at the moment.

The world has slowly started recognising women as scientists and experts rather than just mothers and daughters. This is in fact turning out to be a golden era for the women who invent stuffs. That is because this is the century when men and women have started recognising each other’s needs and it is obvious that it is not just about women and their break out but about the whole of humanity. It not only brings women and girls on line but also brings men and boys intact with the far cry of the world’s needs. This is the time when women invented beer which men use more than woman do and the men invented the napkins for women. This is what exactly the world needs amidst the constant battle of women to come out of the societal hurdles. At least we can be happy that the women’s world is changing in quite a fast pace positively.

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Vishal June 26, 2018 at 7:32 pm

Nice one… Prem

Nazia Ali
Nazia Ali July 5, 2018 at 3:36 pm

Kudos to this write-up! Not to forget the first person to have designed a computer program, Lady Ada Lovelace. Also, more recently we have the genius Ms. Maryam Mirzakhani the Iranian mathematician who turned out to be the first woman ever to have won the Fields’ Medal, that is considered the Nobel Prize equivalent in the math field.


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