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January 17, 2020

Epilogue of a Death

The bustle of hospital stopped all on a sudden . A stand still is felt and the entire ambience is frozen.

The hairs of my body stood in goose pimples. I felt someone is walking over my grave. An ambulance whistling through me with a bloody bundle of a man.

Blood has drawn a Gournika of Picasso around his body. I am seeing through the words . A pall covered face felt like white mask through which the cadaver is looking at the ceiling. A cry has slit through the eyes of the bystander, may be his wife. I saw an eclipse on her face , as if suddenly the world lost the light like a black out. I felt a heavy ring of darkness engrossing​ my chest and suffocating.

A boy of ten stand quizzical by the body . He seemed as if an incongruous growth for the ambience . From no where a wailing rain passed by . The sodden earth has a fresh smell that is drooling from rain. May be the soul of the dead is being born as a plant . I walked over and cupped my hands, collected a few raindrops , it smelled unusually fresh .

A fear is usurped me, with a grotesque grimace. I shut my eyes and envisaged my visage with a pall over it . A paroxysmal shudder went through me like fast moving millipede. I opened and shut my eyes many times to shake off the impact.

The entire building of a hospital looked like horrible coffin where we all are encased. The tachycardia is at its climax of a voodoo dance in my chest.

Reluctantly I stepped in to the rain walking along with it’s painful symphony and suddenly my eyes broke a dam of tears through which a kid of ten swam to my heart.

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