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June 11, 2020

Don’t just survive; Get a Life!!

I believe every living being has been created with an inherent ability to survive on its own, by default!

That’s exactly why it intrigues and saddens me to find certain folks falling into ‘hopeless’ depression or plans of ending lives, on the mere assumption of ‘loneliness’.

To begin with, loneliness is more a state of the mind, rather than matter-of-fact. It’s not exactly the absence of company. How then does one explain feeling alone in a crowd?

This state is all the more difficult to accept for certain people who are mostly ‘dependent’ on others for physical, mental and emotional well-being. It’s like someone ‘seeking’ acknowledgement from everyone except himself/herself.

The foremost reason for feeling low begins therefrom. Once this ‘enchanting notion’ is removed, half the problem is solved.

The truth is: God/Nature has designed every person with so much of potential that he/she needn’t really fall back on his/her lineage or legacy to explore and exploit the self to its maximum capability.

As Gopal Krishna Gokhale once said “It is during Solitude that one strikes upon the Bedrock Truths of Life!”

And one big truth about Life is: Should Destiny devise dubious plans to leave us on our own, Nature fine-tunes us to a mode of ‘self-sufficiency’ and by all means, we weather the storm by and by.

Just one condition please: Never stop believing in yourself and how much more you can actually endure!

And, one more condition: If at all you keep company, stick to the ‘right’ kind of people! Or else, stay alone!!

To know the quality of relationships, just observe what kind of discussions happen among the people involved….

Should they be passing judgmental remarks about relatives, colleagues and other people around them, it would only be a matter of time before those allegations backfire and the seemingly ‘great’ relationship screws up, because by and by, these very people would be hurling accusations against each other.

Should they be constantly sneering at the kind of society they live in, it wouldn’t be long before they end up feeling increasingly isolated and out of place! And, maybe out of favour too!

Should they be discussing ideas and ideologies, they wouldn’t just blend with the circumstances and citizens patiently, but would also persevere to bring about slow and steady wondrous changes for the place and people around them out of unconditional love and hope that their hearts hold out to mankind as a whole!

The last of the lot would be true gems for the human race. And, they are the only ones who have created history and shall continue to be revered till the end of Time!

And with you being one of those gems, life wouldn’t just be a tale of survival, but one of superb contentment!

Make your Life a fabulous narrative!!

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