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January 17, 2020


oommen chandy pj kurien

“In all three elections that Oommen Chandi led, Congress got less number of seats than other elections before”PJ Kurien’s harshly worded utterence yesterday ,apparently in a fit of anger, is bit of a surprise, at least for hard core Oommen Chandi camp followers.

Prof.Kurien seemed to be in a mood of retaliation as he was sure it was wily OC who thwarted his Rajya Sabha ambitions al though his bonhomie with BJP would have worked well for Congress (in his opinion)

So what is OC now,after Kurien’s damning revelation of the truth?A loser, nothing else? Not the most popular one in Congress as it made out to be?All the populist ways his fans extoll are just wasted?

Veteran war horse(if we may call him so without getting interpreted wrongly) PJ Kurien, with his background in physics, is probably the most competent person in the business of politics in Kerala to scientifically analyse the complex dynamics of Congress party internal politics and tell us the truths gleaned.But if that was not to happen till the other day,the reason is not hard to find.Like politicians anywhere else, in Kerala too, particularly in Congress,someone opens mouth to tell truth, only when convenient, that too if it’d serve at that particular situation.
PJ Kurien’s compulsion to come out with this hidden truth, not unknown to cognoscenti but camouflaged to protect certain interests,was the knowledge that this is perhaps the last right moment if he wants to hit hard.He emphasised the point,that to OC it was always group,above the interest of party. He went on to say that OC’s personal agenda caused the decimation of number of promising leaders.He too was sidelined before says Kurien with a belligerence unmitigated by years.
He says AKAntony was behind the ascend of OC in the party in spite of all these flaws!

Accusation of carrying out his own agenda probably is the gravest charge OC faces in his long, eventful career.Will he come forward now to clear his name.In all indications not likely.His elevation to central leadership puts him above such squabbling though some think he was kicked to upstairs to avoid such confusions here in future.Isn’t it true that any medicine however effective has a date of expiry?

In retaliation to Kurien, Chandy hints at the unspeakable helps he rendered to the senior reader;that’s no great secret to any rice eating Keralite as the saying goes.

In Kerala where political fortunes are largely determined with the back up of carefully created images projected through often obliging and even manipulative media , reality is often twisted to suit various narrow interests.C.Achuta Menon, whom almost every one agree as the most simple, uncorrupted and imaginative administrator, state ever had is not much in public memory because he kept aloof from hype.K Karunakaran quintessential practical politician with unflinching Gandhian spirit, with admirable far sight on development , will to carry out mega projects and above all with a through understanding of Kerala society/psych has an attributed negative image because he never went wooing media the way others did. As chief minister PK Vasudevan Nair’s contributions are hardly extolled.

So what comes out of Kurien’s bold initiative to speak out?After all his name has a Greek origin and means ‘lord’ and it is only befitting for a lord to break the statues quo.Will it end an era of conspiratorial silence and start the culture of speaking out the truth, that would set an agenda for the rejuvenation of the Grand old party .Isn’t the congress party inevitable as a driving force either in Govt or in opposition though the days of solo rule has gone for ever.

But even when all is said and done,short cuts to leadership and machinations to remain there will not be easy to change particularly in Congress party. So it’s in the hands of the Young Turks of the day to fight it out in the party forums for a style of visionary politics, knowledge driven and compatible to the demand of the times leaving behind the populist vote bank politics couched in hype and hoopla.

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