Every Software engineer has a definition for “DEVOPS” In a way everyone is correct keeping their working model. Lets summaries the definition of “DEVOPS”

Dev deploys in production = DevOps.
Everyone performs development = DevOps.
Our software don’t require deployments = DevOps.

Restructure the organization = DevOps.
Introduction of new tools = DevOps.
Implementation is painful = DevOps.

Automation on pain points = DevOps
Move towards changes in increments = DevOps
Design practices that builds confidence = DevOps.

The list continues as more and more thoughts are revolved around DEVOPS. I would like to call it as C2A.

[C2A] Collaboration !! Communication !! Automation !! = DEVOPS

Sabin Jn
More than 10+years of rich experience in Software Configuration Management domain.Focus to help teams in shaping SCM best practices to achieve quality in software deliveries.Expertise as a CI/CD specialist for DEVOPS organisations

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