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January 17, 2020

Chasing Beauty

While the world was a million steps away from perfection, we were just one step away. Yet that single step was the most difficult one to take. With this fleeting thought dominating my mind, I picked upon the pieces of the scattered memories and tried to dissect one after the other, but I wasn’t a scientist or a detective to come up with the answers. But wait, was there ever a question?

The truth is the world cheated me. It convinced me that I can always chase perfection and catch it. Even now, when I try to hold the imperfections together in my bare hands, I look beyond the shambles to catch the glimpse of the perfect world. The world whispered in my ears about that wonder shop that sold the formula to be the perfect child, the perfect daughter, the perfect teenage, the perfect lover, the perfect wife, perfect netizen and so on goes the catalogue. To top it all, they promised to give away the cream for perfect feet as complimentary gift.

Chasing perfection, aka beauty, comes with a burden that sometimes shoulders aren’t just equipped to bear. The weight is deadening. The stress is suffocating. The expectations are the sharpest knives that pierce deep into the soul with the same smoothness that a slice of cake is carved. Yet, we chase it because it sounds so good to have it all. For who doesn’t love to steal the thunder? I do.

Have you ever seen the perfect beauty? I still remember the day I saw the perfect beauty. It had the perfect eyes, nose, lips and posture, with words dribbling down the perfect mouth like honey. I felt revolted. It was sickening to see that beauty just because it was so exquisitely perfect. The phrase “Beauty lies in the imperfections” rang in my mind. Did the writer puke out his insides before he concluded that imperfection holds it all? I wanted to ask him or anyone for that matter. However, what would I ask? Without looking insane, can I ask them, “Is beauty in reality ugly?”

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