Software organizations are adapting DEVOPS principles to rapidly change their foresight of moving out

from traditional delivery mechanism. It’s a change that shakes some of the legacy delivery approach.

Most organization begins the journey on DEVOPS with automation but there are other aspects which

will also need a relook. I’m a firm believer of CAMS approach in successful implementation of DEVOPS.

It was coined by Damon Edwards and John Willis at DevOpsDays Mountainview 2010

C – Culture   – Thinking and building towards an openness that promotes innovation and  improvements.

A – Automation — The most targeted area in DEVOPS. Reduction in manual approach.

M – Measurement — Ability to capture the change and translate into decision making data.

S – Sharing –  Share knowledge on tools process automation innovation believe in continuous sharing

Sabin Jn
More than 10+years of rich experience in Software Configuration Management domain.Focus to help teams in shaping SCM best practices to achieve quality in software deliveries.Expertise as a CI/CD specialist for DEVOPS organisations

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