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January 17, 2020

Avoid the production failure than solution the failure


Production success and failures are one of the aspect of software delivery process . There is no outright formula that can achieve 100 % cent success in production. The main focus in this writing is to evaluate on the behavioral trait in skills that work towards achieving success but loose in the battle of guarding  the interest of teams on cases of failure. The most important trait is to accept the failure as it exist.

Granulating the failure and looking out for solutions for the failures may lead to unwanted complexities . Develop a production framework that is always on the continuous improvement path, when failure occurs move towards avoiding failures rather than “solution the failure” . Instill in practices that avoids failures with each production cycle the improvement path will grow faster than fixing the failure and introducing more failure with the solution later on. The theory that is underline is “avoiding the failure than solution the failure”.

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