One of my friends recently asked me “what do you do in your office”?

Given the fact that he is not from IT industry, I thought for a while and answered him, “I help teams to improve their fun at work”.

He got curious and told me that “I never thought that someone will pay anyone for that! I always thought that software development is very tough and hectic job. You will feel very tired and exhausted at the end of the day.”

I told him “Of course, not. We listen to music while working, we have unlimited supply of coffee/tea, heavily paid, access to You Tube, always connected to internet and to other social medias, available in skype and “WhatsApp” almost all the time, doing new things every day, spend a great amount of time in meetings and discussions. In addition to all of that, we have flexible timings, work whenever you want and also from wherever you want. What more you can ask for?”

He seems to be happy about the answer. He uttered, “Seems like real fun!”

Then he asked me “what are you doing there?”

I said, “Oh, which is a pretty long story. In a nutshell, I will help them to have more fun”.

“Really! How?”

“I work as an Agile coach. Agile coaching is all about helping teams to have fun! I got to go now. Let us talk about it tomorrow (Part II).”

Curious to know how Agile software development is fun? Stay tuned!

Read Part II

Ebin John Poovathany
Learning to become an Agile Shepherd! My dream is to coach people by connecting with them on a high conscious level, like a Shepherd. I am a person who loves to keep things simple and straight, be it at work or at relations. I truly believe that life is sweet and enjoyable. I work with human beings. I believe that any work which involves human interaction is moral work and any moral work depends upon practical wisdom. For me, life is a journey for learning and understand more about myself.

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