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December 17, 2018

A Dream

Today is yet another day
My tears rolled and rolled –
Over my cheeks
And made a channel,
Flooding the pain and sorrows of my bursting heart.
Each drops overflow from a pool of love
It ensures the passions of love as a mom
I am not ready to give her
She is my sweet little baby
She is my heart which beeps out of my body
I dream a day she grows upto a charming beauty
Spreads the lights around
Shares and cares the humanity
She takes me from the waves to the mountains
She offers a hand when I fall down
She shares a cup of tea in my solitude
She is my light in the future
She is my sweet little baby
I won’t give her to the bloody play
She is my sweet little princess
Almighty lord is with us
Almighty lord save us in this difficult times
Give us courage, we have a dream.
The dream which strengthens our eyes
The dream which strengthens our hearts

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